Project summary:

A Covid-safe collaborative public art project involving 10 Hackney primary schools and over 600 pupils! Throughout film and literature science fiction we have been captivated with travelling to another inhabited planet being visited by aliens or documenting unidentified flying objects. Exploring this cultural phenomenon whilst questioning our own and our ‘distant neighbours’ cultural identity the schools produced their own ‘faux’ TV and NEWSPAPER UFO reports. 

Art resource packs were provided to the schools and the project was delivered by each individual school. 


Key to the project was an introductory showcasing ‘LIVE’ UFO sightings around the Hackney! 

These 3 FILMS can be found HERE

Using a collection from the brilliant archive photographs from THE RIO TAPE/SLIDE ARCHIVE, the pupils created an alternative fictional narrative to what was once familiar for instance ‘THE E8 UFO’ or ‘THE UFO THAT SWALLOWED MY SHOP’.

A billboard poster to showcase the project currently adorns Gayhurst Primary School to showcase the project.

There is also discussion for the project films to be shown at the Rio Cinema showcasing the schools work, in conjunction with a special feature film matinee for the schools. There is currently a display for the project in the cinema’s foyer, keep a look out next time you’re there!

The aim of the project is to deliver a high quality collaborative public art project teaching key creative skills to a lower socio-economic and culturally diverse target groups. The aim is also to deliver the project to provide a rich rewarding professionally delivered art project during a Covid-restrictive period.

Look out for November’s 2021 Hackney today newspaper’s article on the project!